Chinese Culture Research Assocation Inc.

Chinese Culture Research Assocation Inc. (“CCRA”) is officially registered as Community Language School (CLS) under Department of Education in the State of Queensland in Australia.

Since 6 July 2019, CCRA has been registered as a Charity and Non-for-profits organisation in Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Since 6 July 2019, CCRA has been registered as a Charity and Non-for-profits organisation in Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

CCRA had tailored the education program to fit into Australian curriculum and environment, which also follows Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority criteria.

The program provided from CCRA could confer the use on OP score ranking, which is academically useful for year 11 and 12 student in order to enter into higher education.

CCRA's mission is focus on supporting and provides scholarships and language exchange to benefit not only Australian Children but also Business people to understand the Chinese culture and assist them to understand how to deal with Chinese not only for social but also culture when they need it for business.

Multilingualism is certainly the future trend for all Australians. As Australia is situated in Asia-Pacific region, Asian languages, therefore, are very important for building stronger relationships across the region including closer educational, cultural and people links.

Australian Multicultural Education Centre (AMEC) has been a long-term financial sponsor for the CCRA programs. These sponsoring amounts cover staff, administrative, classroom hiring and other teaching materials costs.

In November 2017, AMEC has officially been appointed as the authorised HSK/YCT Chinese Language testing centre. It has further conducted and completed with tests for over 111 candidates age ranging from childcare to adults. This is a major achievement in Brisbane, Queensland and in Australia.

The tests conducted covers areas in listening, speaking, writing, and reading in total of 17 different categories of tests.

CCRA program provides a standardized education program, which allows students to perform with systematic and progressive manner that offer to different age groups.

It further enhances professional teaching that embodies into multicultural community need.

As Chinese community is one of the large groups in Australian Multicultural society, we seek to provide modern cultural experience and language coaching to enhance harmonious goal.

We have successfully establish our first presence at John Paul College campus, “AMEC JPC Chinese”, it has achieved further than expected from hobby to logic learning and academic interests for young adults.

Chinese language learning uses special characters to signify a meaning of phrase or words, which has been proven to improve children’s logic learning capacity.

CCRA provides a program, which promotes concurrent learning in logic, hobby and language and embedded into daily lives.

Should you require more information about CCRA, please contact us on.

and speak to Ms. Yvonne Chu

For enrolment and class timetable enquiry, please contact Ms Laura Hou or Jia Sun.

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