Modern Chinese cultural experience and language coaching

Improve your linguistic relativity. Learning Chinese will assist in the acquisition of skills, other subjects such as maths and science. – Wihelm Von Humboldt

  • Standardized program
  • Language & Culture
  • Fitness & Healthy


Chinese Culture Research Association Inc. (“CCRA”) program provides a standardized education program, which allows students to perform with systematic and progressive manner that offer to different age groups.

CCRA’s mission is focus on supporting and provides scholarships and language exchange to benefit not only Australian Children but also Business people to understand the Chinese culture and assist them to understand how to deal with Chinese not only for social but also culture when they need it for business.

CCRA is officially registered as Community Language School (CLS) under Department of Education in the State of Queensland in Australia. Since 6 July 2019, CCRA has been registered as a Charity and Non-for-profits organisation in Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.