How to join Taipei CCRA

The members of this association are divided into the following four types:


1. Individual members: Anyone who is registered in or works in this city, agrees with the purpose of the association, has the ability to act at the age of 20, and loves the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and art, fills in the application for membership, and is recommended by the board , And after paying the membership fee, become an individual member.

2. Group members: All public and private organizations or organizations in this city that have been registered by government agencies agree to the purpose of the association, fill in the application for membership, and pass the board of directors and pay the membership fee, and then become group members. One representative is appointed to exercise the rights.

3. Sponsoring members: sponsoring organizations or individuals with annual membership fees of NT$50,000 per year.

4. Honorary members: groups or individuals who sponsor the work of the association and donate NT$300,000 or more. The member list in the preceding paragraph shall be reported to the competent authority for reference. When applying, an application for membership should be filled out, approved by the board of directors, and membership fees should be paid.


We will contact you further, and the association will issue a membership certificate after review and confirmation of membership.