Tea Tasting | Workshop Highlights


  • Mr. Minghui Chen


  • TEKING International Corp


  • The Michelin-graded Tea for 4 consecutive years
  • The Belgian iTQI three-star Crystal award winner
  • The 2020 Renai Spring Mountain Tea King, and the special prize for evaluation


  • Ms. Yvonne Chu


  • CCRA – President


This is an invite to Taste a Michelin-graded Tea from Lishan, a Belgian iTQI three-star Crystal award winner for 4 consecutive years, the 2020 Renai Spring Mountain Tea King, and the special prize for evaluation.

This event features how an IT graduate from Taiwan found himself in the love of the smell of Tea Leaves. He further enhanced with specialist taste with the very nature of Lishan Earth. The tribes developed during the migration of the Atayal to Taiwan, the special geographic location, and the climatic environment have created unparalleled top-quality Taiwanese high-cold tea. Lishan has a legendary history, which corresponds to the new generation of young forces. We hope that such activities will actively exchange international friendships and refresh the taste of the chain.

Finance is like water; this event also specially invited the manager of Taiwan Business Bank-Sung Nan Branch Minghui Chen and the team as special guests to appreciate the famous products and provide financial information with tea. Located in Taiwan’s tallest building, Taipei 101 high-end Lishan high cold tea with excellent taste, gathers the elite, what is the touching story behind a leaf, every milestone, every achievement, a bite of dessert, look forward to being shared in an elegant afternoon tea.

Lecture time:

  • November 5, 2020 2pm – 4pm
    57th Floor, Building 101, Xinyi District, Taipei City


  • TWD $1200

  • 社團法人台北市漢文化研究藝術協會
  • 英美澳國際有限公司


  • 茶勤國際股份有限公司
  • 台灣企銀 松南分行
  • The Executive Centre Taipei 德事商務中心
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